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The ministry clients of Phillips Harvey Group benefit from a partnership approach that encompasses much more than just tax and accounting work. Our team members - who are also active church members - understand firsthand that effective delivery of a church's financial services enables the church to extend its reach far beyond its own congregation, staff, and neighborhood.

Phillips Harvey Group's capabilities support an integrated ministry with services that develop insurance, legal, retirement, investment, estate planning, restricted funds and benevolence reporting, and tax matters benefiting both the church and its pastors and members.

"They bring an interesting perspective and offer suggestions to make things easier. They helped a lot with an expansion and relocation we had a few years ago. Occasionally, we have ministerial tax situations and Nathan provides consultation directly with our ministers."
Lou Hoegsted
, First Baptist Church

Future church considerations such as building programs, the maintenance and purchase of property, renovations, debt reduction, operations and missions budgets, and the demonstration of financial stability that can encourage congregational support, are a crucial part of our firm's approach to our clients' overall financial plan.

"Having an annual audit isn't required, but it really benefits our organization because it underscores to our members that we are managing responsibly. I encourage every church to conduct an audit because being accountable to members is so important."
Lou Hoegsted
, First Baptist Church

Phillips Harvey Group's clients enjoy the highest level of internal financial controls as they meet the challenges of daily church management, budget, and cash flow. Such controls are needed to protect church assets and to assure that all resources are used to accomplish the important goals that have been approved by the church's congregation. Our clients benefit from having the assurance they need to:

  • Make reliable financial decisions
  • Confidently maintain the public trust
  • Enhance the credibility of each ministry through the application of unwavering ethical practices and
  • Forecast monetary needs through the use of analytical reports.

Please contact Nathan Phillips today (239-566-1600) for more information about the services we extend to the church community.

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