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As client expectations increase in tandem with costs, businesses in the personal services and recreation industries are constantly challenged to provide a stimulating mix of facilities and equipment, programs and activities, and depth and creativity in culinary offerings.

Business owners know that customers become more discriminating in their expectations, as the costs of services and dues increase. Yet increasing variety among a growing number of local competitors dictates a need to stay competitive in price and presentation.

Phillips Harvey Group is adept at assisting clients in keeping the delicate balance needed among the factors that most affect their clientele such as attracting and keeping enthusiastic members and patrons, maintaining steadily increasing revenues, proactively facing seasonality concerns, and creating enticing offerings.

From more health-conscious fare to a more flexible, informal structure that will appeal to whole families, to developing novel marketing strategies and devising alternative sources of revenue that are both fiscally responsible yet appealing, each business must weigh its options and resources to balance both profit and market appeal.

"If a service provider treats us right and continues to exhibit high standards, we will likewise remain loyal to them. Phillips Harvey Group is this way for us. Our problems are their problems. They are prompt and courteous about solutions. And they understand that our priority is hospitality."
Azi Azami, Naples Beach Hotel & Club

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Phillips Harvey Group augments its industry knowledge by listening to client concerns, becoming attuned to professional organizations and exploring industry publications. We concentrate on maintaining a deep understanding of operational challenges including:

  • Technology
  • Purchasing
  • Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Financial and
  • Safety and Liability

Operating challenges can be par for the course in the hospitality, recreation, and leisure industries. Trusting Phillips Harvey Group as your business advisors gives you the performance advantage to stay on your best game over the long term.

Contact Nathan Phillips today (239-566-1600) and let us help you and your club, hotel or restaurant stay fruitful, reinvigorated, and "in shape."

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