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Significant, complicated projects are a given among those who work in the business of creating and fulfilling dreams for people and their organizations.

Tax and accounting issues are just some of the many considerations that occupy your time and thoughts. Feasibility studies, land acquisition, initial development, and ultimate sale of properties are but a few activities that require significant financial consideration or costly—yet avoidable—scenarios can result.

Phillips Harvey Group's team members save clients both time and money by assisting them with crucial issues including sales and exchanges, entity choices, tax credits, forecasting, joint ventures, and loss limitations. Team members stay well-versed in rapidly changing accounting regulations. The firm offers comprehensive accounting services in real estate sales and investments, analysis, and financial reporting.

"First they helped us structure our business entity and accounting systems and methods. And as we grew, they recommended changing our entity type and accounting method when it was most beneficial to our business and personal situations. It was helpful when their staff came in to assist us with those transitions."
David Diamond - DeAngelis Diamond Construction, Inc

Since the property development process is so complex, Phillips Harvey Group clients can obtain assistance in managing these projects and find security in the knowledge that their projects are monitored against Key Performance Indicators as they progress.

Because Phillips Harvey Group has strong operating knowledge of each type of business involved in a project—from its concept to its closing—clients can rest assured we fully integrate and maximize financial elements of everything from the initial market feasibility study to the development of plans and specifications, to the project roll-out, and through completion. We help estimate costs, prepare for successful funding, forecast cash flow, and evaluate risks so a strong foundation is laid for each project before construction even begins.

"Our bonding company actually tells us, year after year, that they are impressed with our financial statements and that they see us as considerably lower risk than other companies because we are able to substantiate our soundness and successfully forecast future financial reports, then we exceed those expectations."
David Diamond - DeAngelis Diamond Construction, Inc

We help our clients to:

  • Collect the data needed to make informed decisions;
  • Facilitate the flow of information to their own clients, investors, partners, and other stakeholders;
  • Align the short- and long-term effects of projects on their business;
  • Develop and maintain business relationships using our diverse network of contacts, clients, and business associates;
  • Measure, forecast, and report data that is vital to their companies' operations; and
  • Monitor the financial performance of varied assets within their company.

If you are looking for an advisor who can optimize your company's financial performance and focus on those crucial details that can determine your success, please contact Nathan Phillips today (239-566-1600).

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