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Our practice is truly special. We wake up each day feeling fortunate to work for the wonderful people we are privileged to serve.

We asked a few of our clients what they would want others to know about their experiences with Phillips Harvey Group. Here is what they had to say:



David Diamond, Founder
DeAngelis Diamond Construction, Inc.

David Diamond and his partner John DeAngelis founded their business in 1996 with a bold vision for their new construction company. They did not see, standing in their way, what are typically barriers to growth within their industry. Things like limits to the amount of bonding for projects were obstacles they fully intended to overcome and so, when they started their business, they surrounded themselves with advisors who could see beyond the obstacles just as they did.

"We've worked with Phillips Harvey Group since we opened our doors. We knew of Nathan Phillips' reputation through church members and we were impressed with his level of involvement in the church's finances. Even so, we interviewed him because it was important to us that our accountant had a background in our industry. Nathan's construction experience went back to his days with a Big 4 accounting firm. We were definitely impressed with his understanding of not only construction but related businesses as well.

"First they helped us structure our business entity and accounting systems and methods. And as we grew, they recommended changing our entity type and accounting method when it was most beneficial to our business and personal situations. It was helpful when their staff came in to assist us with those transitions.

"We appreciate that they're proactive in planning our personal and business financial positions long before year-end. Every September or October, they contact us to review everything, discuss options, and make the best decisions before it is too late. And Phillips Harvey Group's people come out throughout the year, asking and answering questions and they help us keep our books organized so our audit process goes smoothly.

"In our company, my focus is mostly on operations and John's is on marketing and sales. A lot of our projects are large, commercial properties like schools, churches, colleges, and medical buildings, so they require significant bonding. To be able to compete for and accomplish these projects, we need extremely solid financial reports so there is tremendous value in what Phillips Harvey Group does for us.

"We have two major reporting requirements: our annual financial statement audit and special reporting for our bonding company. Without the bonding company's approval, we wouldn't have been able to do some of the larger projects that have boosted our growth. Basically, a construction company like ours can only grow as fast as the bonding company will let us. They base their approval on the financial statements and Phillips Harvey Group takes great care to present us in the best possible way.

"Our bonding company actually tells us, year after year, that they are impressed with our financial statements and that they see us as considerably lower risk than other companies because we are able to substantiate our soundness and successfully forecast future financial reports, then we exceed those expectations.

"Nathan and our attorney work well together, and as part of our overall team. We've always been impressed with Phillips Harvey Group. They are on time with our audits and tax returns—we don't like to file extensions—and we feel like they make us a priority. We truly cannot say enough. They are great to work with and we are positive that part of our success is due to them."


Vin DePasquale, Owner
The Dock at Crayton Cove
The Riverwalk at Tin City

Mr. DePasquale, a long-time resident of Southwest Florida, is an entrepreneur and owner-operator of two of the area's popular waterfront restaurants.

"We have been working with Phillips Harvey Group for about 25 years, starting when Don Berry introduced us to a profit sharing plan that achieved our financial goals and was key in our ability to provide competitive benefits. Providing these benefits enabled us to attract the quality employees so necessary to the success of our restaurant.

"Our single-restaurant operation has since grown into multiple restaurants, as well as other business ventures inside and outside of Florida. Phillips Harvey Group has been instrumental in helping us with all of these business entities—they work closely with us to manage our compliance and advise us about our corporate structures and procedures. Through the years, our accountants have teamed well with our lawyers to co-advise us.

"In the end, Phillips Harvey Group simply makes our jobs easier. They give us peace of mind allowing us to focus the majority of our time operating our businesses, knowing that they'll make sure we are doing things the right way. Our confidence in Phillips Harvey Group has resulted in an ever-greater, long term relationship."


Angela Valvo Collins, Entrepreneur
Suncoast Rehabilitation and Aquatics

"Phillips Harvey Group has been a life-saver for us. We were referred to the firm by a business mentor when we faced a difficult situation in our business. They helped us resolve our issue and many other things since.

"The firm became our outsourced accounting department which we found was much more cost-efficient than an internal one. Plus, having them doing our books provided a nice sense of security regarding 'checks and balances.' We knew it was getting done right and that was very important to us.

"We successfully sold that business to a public company but we still rely on Phillips Harvey Group regarding our other business holdings and our personal accounting, as well. They provided really good suggestions for tax planning around the sale of our business and worked closely with our attorney to evaluate all the tax implications and repercussions of several possible types of sales.

"Debbie and her team are just great. What we like about them as professionals is that they are very proactive, timely, and conservative—they go by the book—we realize that might not be important to everybody, but it is to us. We sleep better because of it.

"They've also demonstrated that they stay well-informed of new requirements. We feel comfortable that their advice is within every regulatory requirement—not in the grey-area."


Azi Azami, Treasurer and VP of Finance and Administration
Naples Beach Hotel & Club

The Naples Beach Hotel & Club is a third generation business founded in 1946 by the grandfather of Michael Watkins and Henry B. Watkins, III, currently President and Executive Vice President. As the organization's mission, the Watkins carry on their grandfather's family tradition of hospitality as a priority. The resort—one of very few in Florida that can lay claim to having a championship golf course and beach on the same site—is located close to historic and picturesque downtown Naples.

Mr. Azami has been with the resort for over seventeen years.

"Loyalty is key to us in all respects. We'd like all Naples residents to consider us their club-to have pride in this club, a sense of ownership, affinity. We also have a lot of loyalty among our employees. We are very appreciative of the people who visit us, and who work with us. Each year, we celebrate our patrons and employees with receptions.

"I bring this up because loyalty is important to us in both directions—those who choose to be involved with us and those we choose to be involved with—internally and externally. If a service provider treats us right and continues to exhibit high standards, we will likewise remain loyal to them.

"Phillips Harvey Group is this way for us. Our problems are their problems. They are prompt and courteous about solutions. And they understand that our priority is hospitality. Also they are very active in the community, as are we, and we feel this is very important.

"Other firms have approached us—even big national firms—but we didn't entertain changing because we don't believe we could get the same personal service from them that we get from Nathan and his firm. Whenever we need counsel and input, Nathan comes through for us.

"They help us with audit, tax, 401(k) audit and other issues as they arise. They adjust their schedule for us and are very flexible. It is wonderful to know they are so willing to work with us to meet our needs so well."

Religious Organizations

Lou Hoegsted, Comptroller
First Baptist Church

"Our organization has been working with Phillips Harvey Group since long before I joined the finance department in 1998. I tend to work mostly with our in-charge auditor and Nathan Phillips, our audit partner.

"As a former auditor myself I probably look at accounting firms' service more critically. I've been especially pleased with the consistency of our audit personnel. For instance, our in-charge was on the audit for over three years and I appreciate not having to reeducate. He is like one of us, friendly and not intimidating. The individuals at Phillips Harvey Group all make us at ease.

"They bring an interesting perspective and offer suggestions to make things easier. They helped a lot with an expansion and relocation we had a few years ago. Occasionally, we have ministerial tax situations and Nathan provides consultation directly with our ministers. They help us with our day-to-day accounting and sometimes they recommend that we try doing things different ways.

"One thing they recommended—and I was admittedly reluctant to do—was to let them come in quarterly during the year to review our books. I thought it would be 'just another thing' that would take extra time I didn't have. But now I see that this is a much easier approach.

"By virtue of these quarterly checks, preparing for our audit is much easier this year and I'm spending less time on it. Since we were ready much sooner, we will start our audit earlier, and our cost will probably be less, too. Our finance committee will be very happy to have their information earlier as a result.

"They really make my job easier. I call the firm whenever I have questions about how to handle transactions or just when I need a sounding board. They are very responsive and get back to me quickly, often within the hour!

"Having an annual audit isn't required, but it really benefits our organization because it underscores to our members that we are managing responsibly. I encourage every church to conduct an audit because being accountable to members is so important.

"Whenever churches call out of the blue to ask who they should use, I never hesitate to recommend Phillips Harvey Group."



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