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As condominium and homeowner associations increase in number and become more sophisticated in management structure, our services become increasingly valuable for the association and its members.

The value of Phillips Harvey Group's accounting and tax services lies in the peace of mind afforded to associations who highly regard working with professionals skilled in issues unique to residents' associations. Of even greater value is the comfort provided when a professional audit is sought to ensure the association's financial records are presented properly and soundly.

Our services encompass a wide variety of ownership and governance arrangements. Our extensive experience also includes a comprehensive knowledge of accounting and financial-based rules and regulations, and we are constantly updating our information as changes in guidelines are made.

The audit function, which examines the association's records, is of special importance. Phillips Harvey Group auditors communicate results of audit procedures and tests, and the evaluation of audit outcomes, to all interested parties, in as clear a manner as possible.

It is our goal to streamline the audit process and to familiarize condominium and homeowner association members with ways to break down complex financial requirements into more comprehensible information. Also, we can provide monthly accounting services and recommend a variety of procedural improvements to facilitate easier and more effective record keeping.

In addition to income and expense journals, balance sheets, income statements, annual financial statement audits, compilations or reviews of financial statements, and preparation of required tax returns, Phillips Harvey Group offers assistance with:

  • Information about historical trends
  • Reserve/replacement fund calculations
  • Comparisons to budget
  • Tracking of delinquencies
  • Record keeping
  • Budget development
  • Taxable income determination
  • Establishment of maintenance fees, interest and penalties, and
  • Detailing of operating expenses

If you would like to discuss how Phillips Harvey Group can assist with your association's financial fitness, contact Nathan Phillips (239-566-1600).

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